About me

Hi and bonzour!

I'm Marina Creative free spirit from the southern district of Osnabrück in Germany. My adopted country is the Seychelles.

That's how it all started

In 2013 I went on holiday to the Seychelles for the first time and immediately fell in love with the island paradise. The sun, the sea, nature, the people and above all the very special light immediately cast a spell over me...

My emigration

I emigrated to the Seychelles in 2014 and lived in the south of Mahé for a few years. Thanks to the support of my former employer, I was able to work from home from there.

Since September 2019 I have been a freelance self-employed ( ella works · media design ) and since then I have been doing my work regardless of where I live. My favorite place to be is on Mahé.

My story is also on the podcast :)

Seychellen Fact sheet

Favorite island: Mahé, Aride
Sey islands visited: 14
Highlights: Manta Rays, Protect Paradise Seychelles, and sooo much more....

2020 - "Meerglück"

When the pandemic broke out in early 2020, I was on the Seychelles again. During the lockdown I started developing my MEERGLÜCK product line. Everything here revolves around your favorite island. I started with watercolor maps of the Seychelles, now there are already over 100 other beautiful islands, countries and cities worldwide in the shop. And these meanwhile also as postcards, calendars and magnets.

Travel Journal Seychelles

For everyone who is traveling in the Seychelles and would like to record their experiences in a travel diary, I published my first book Reisejournal Seychelles in August 2020 (in german).



Have you ever looked closely at a normal globe? The Seychelles can be seen as a tiny dot on it. But there is another way:
The SeyGlobe is a globe featuring ONLY THE SEYCHELLES!
More information, prices and sizes 👉🏼 here

If you are interested in a personal conversation by phone about the Seychelles, you can book your appointment here now.

I wish you a lot of fun on my website :)

Sunny greetings 🌊🍀