Seychelles Podcast

Bonzour and welcome to my Seychelles Podcast!

For some, the Seychelles is more than just a holiday destination. And you can find out why in this podcast, which is all about the Seychelles.

In each episode I will interview a guest and we will relive paradise together.

Are you coming with me?

A new episode every Friday (probably)!

PODCAST "MEERGLÜCK: Seychellen" (german)
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To the consequences:


Episode 1 – My Story

Episode 2 – Guest: Shari Wenzel

Episode 3 – Guest: Olaf Jakobsen (meerzeitreisen)

Episode 4 – Guest: Duniam Anette Sinon (Healing Islands Chalets)

Episode 5 – Guest: Ilka Becker

Episode 6 – Guest: Vera Beitlich