Travel Preparation

Please note the current information on the COVID-19 pandemic, marked in RED here and in all articles.

Getting there: The cheapest flights can be found, for example, at Swoodoo or Skyscanner. Condor is the only one from Germany to offer direct flights once or twice a week from Frankfurt/Main. The direct flight takes about 9.5 hours.

(Due to Corona, direct flights from Germany are not offered all year round)

Air France, Edelweiß, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways have other flight connections, including from Düsseldorf. There are often bargains at the holiday pirates. Booking a flight that takes more than 15 hours to arrive or depart should be considered carefully. That's pretty tiring.
The only international airport in the Seychelles, Mahé International Airport, is located in the middle of the island/east coast. Almost every place on Mahé can be reached within an hour by car. For domestic flights with a small aircraft for 19 people (DHC-6 Twin Otter) there is another small airport on Praslin and heliports on various islands.

Entry regulations due to Corona see here

Visit Permission: All travelers are required to fill out a Visitor's permit form, which is given on the plane. Each passenger must fill it out and hand it in at the airport upon arrival. See also: Foreign Office . Currently, all information required by tourists is requested during online registration. Therefore, the Visitors permit is not being distributed at the moment.

Money: The currency is the Seychelles Rupee. 1 euro ~ 15 SCR. An unlimited amount of money may be brought in. You should exchange money directly at the airport on Mahé, not in Germany. Most banks don't stock SCR anyway.
Credit cards: Barclay, Visa, Mastercard. You can also withdraw money with an EC card if it has a "Maestro" logo and the card has been activated by the bank beforehand. You can only get money at ATMs that also have the "Maestro" logo.

Customs service: Spirits (also wine, beer, strong beer, port), perfumes and tobacco are allowed: 200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco, 2 liters of spirits and 2 liters of wine, 200 ml of perfume or eau de toilette. Fruit and vegetables are not allowed to be brought in!

Languages: English, French, Seychellois Creole.

time zone: The Seychelles are three hours ahead of Central European Time (CET), or just two hours ahead in daylight saving time. So there is no need to worry about jet lag.

Vaccination: Special vaccinations specifically for the Seychelles are not necessary. Entry regulations due to Corona see here .

Health: A foreign health insurance must be available.

Currently, all visitors MUST have valid travel insurance with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related medical care, for the duration of their entire stay in Seychelles.
Entry regulations due to Corona see here

Electricity: All of the islands in the Seychelles have 220-240 volts AC, using the UK standard 3 pin square 13 amp socket. Many guest houses and hotels are already equipped with an adapter for their guests. However, it is recommended to have one adapter take away A multiple plug is also best.

British plug

Phone: The telephone area code from abroad is 00248 (+248).

Driver's license: An international driver's license is not required, the German driver's license is sufficient. If the stay lasts longer than 3 months, a Seychellois driver's license is required.

Rental car: You can book a rental car online before you travel, which I would recommend. In the Seychelles, most offer their rental with a deductible of 1,000 euros. In the event of damage, this amount is due if the tenant caused the damage himself. Liability insurance is appropriate (preferably compare with Check24).

Ferry to the islands of Praslin and La Digue (Cat Cocos / Cat Rose)
You can pre-book online the ferry tickets that travel between the islands of Mahé/Praslin/La Digue.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Cat Cocos has changing schedules on a monthly basis. You can find the usual schedule here . For more information, Cat Cocos can be reached by phone on +248 4297163 or +248 4297165 or by email: .

Seasickness: I can recommend the " Sea Band " to anyone who gets seasick quite often. Nausea bracelets offer a safe way to help with seasickness and motion sickness. Based on acupressure, the " Sea-Band " can provide relief for nausea without the need to take medication.

Diving/Snorkeling: Bringing your own snorkel is recommended. Fins can be rented on the tours that are offered. This saves weight in the suitcase. Swimming shoes can be helpful on some beaches with a lot of stones.

Temperatures: Tropical climate, around 30 °C all year round, lots of sun every day, occasional rain (Dec.-Feb. more). 70% of precipitation falls at night.

Dress: Bright, light and wide clothes are best suited. Firm-soled shoes are recommended for hiking.

Water from the tap:
Although the water in the Seychelles is said to be of drinking water quality according to the local authorities, it tastes strongly of chlorine in places. If you want to drink it, you should at least boil it beforehand.
I always take my BRITA fill & go Vital with me, which filters out the chlorine before I eat it.

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