Packing list Seychelles

Luggage list/packing list Seychelles

The most important

» Passport
" Flight tickets
» Train tickets
" Driver's license
» wallet, money (euro)
» EC card with Maestro, credit card (Visa, Barclays, Master)
» Save ID card copies in the mail program
» Mobile phone / smartphone
» digital camera / submarine water camera / SD card(s)
» Chargers for mobile phones, cameras, etc.
» adapter (British version)
» multiple plug (very helpful)
» List of emergency numbers (e.g. lost card)
» Vaccination pass/blood donor pass
» International health insurance (documents)
» Flight miles bonus card

» All documents on COVID-19 (negative test, etc.) printed out
» FFP2 mask
» Disinfectants (see hand luggage)

travel pharmacy
» special tablets already prescribed by the doctor
» to prevent thrombosis (aspirin)
» against diarrhea ( perenterol )
» Electrolytes and probiotics for diarrhea
» Travel sickness (Superpep)
» Heartburn/stomach tablets (Omep), stomach tea
» Mosquitoes/allergies/sunburn ( Fenestil )
» Plasters, bandages
» Wound and healing ointment ( Bepanthen )
» Sedatives ( valerian ), sleeping pills

carry-on baggage > this possibly as a beach bag
» The most important (see above)
» First-aid kit (only what is needed for the flight, see above)
» Socks (for travel) and sturdy, comfortable shoes
» Jacket (due to air conditioning on the plane)
» comfortable trousers (long)
» Neck pillow , preferably inflatable
» Handkerchiefs, possibly sanitary towels
» Zip plastic bags for liquids, containing for example:
Deodorant, toothpaste/brush, disinfectant (100ml each are allowed)
» Glasses / hearing aid (if available)
» Trombosis stockings (if necessary)
» Pen, possibly notepad
» Mini flashlight , rechargeable via USB
» Oropax
» Headphones (are subject to a charge with some airlines)
» Sleeping goggles
» chewing gum (chewing helps if you get an earache)
» Travel guides / other books (eReaders are great)
» Travel Journal Seychelles

» T-shirts, blouses (cotton)
» short, comfortable trousers (cotton)
» skirts, dresses (cotton)
» underwear (cotton)
» Summer shoes / sandals / flip-flops
» short pajamas / nightgown
» trekking sandals
» Cappi / sun hat

Hygiene products (for her and him)
» Shampoo (better: hair soap )
» Brush / comb
» Dental care / denture cleaner (tooth cleaning tablets )
» Body lotion, hand cream
» Make-up utensils (cloth cotton pads)
» Tampons / panty liners (alternatively period underwear )
» Hair clip / band / elastic
» Hair dryer, curling iron
» Razor, tweezers

For the beach
» Beach bag (possibly already available > hand luggage or backpack)
» Sunglasses (better bring 2 with you in case one goes swimming)
» Reef-friendly suncream (30-50) / After Sun Cream
» bug spray with high DEET content against dengue
» Bikini / swimsuit / swimming trunks
» Microfiber Beach Towels
» swimming shoes for rocky beach
» Possibly cooler bag
" Swimming goggles / snorkel

» Umbrella (toddler) in rain + sun
» Possibly an alarm clock (if no mobile phone)
» Jute bags (e.g. for dirty laundry)
» Sewing kit / safety pins
» Addresses for postcards
» Your Seychelles travel set

My specials / for self-catering
» Instant coffee (also available on site, but then you already have something before you make your first purchase)
» BRITA fill & go Vital Water bottle with activated carbon filter (filters out chlorine)
» Egg carton (in shops there are only plastic bags for transporting eggs almost everywhere)
» reusable ice cubes
» reusable straws (e.g. made of stainless steel)
» Tupperware for takeaway food, cloth napkins


Please note: These are just suggestions and recommendations based on my years of experience. It is best to print out the whole thing and cross out irrelevant things or add your own things.
Please note that there are weight and size limits for your suitcase and hand luggage. You can find out this from your chosen airline. With Swiss Air, for example, it is 23 kg luggage and 8 kg hand luggage.
Please also note that there are items that you are not allowed to take with you or that can only be transported in a suitcase but not in hand luggage. You can also find out the exact conditions from your airline.

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