With sea time travel to the Seychelles

In this article I would like to introduce you to the tour operator MEERZEITREISEN .

After a long break, we're back!

The Seychelles expert Olaf Jakobsen from the north of Germany has been traveling in the Seychelles for more than 14 years and knows his way around very well. He also knows all the accommodations in their range of offers personally!

Whether it's a stay on just one island, extensive island hopping, excursions, a little luxury or simple guest houses - everything can be booked.

✅ competent
✅ friendly
✅ helpful
✅ cheap & fair

More on the 👉🏼 website

By the way, I talk to Olaf about the Seychelles in Episode 3 of my Seychelles podcast 👉🏼 Episode 3

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