Helpful hints

These tips are based on personal experiences that I am happy to share with you. These are only recommendations.

coconut trees
Coconut trees are beautiful to look at, but can be dangerous if you get hit by a falling coconut! Therefore, never lie directly under coconut palms or make sure when parking that there are no palm trees in the immediate vicinity.

Warning signs on the beach
From June to September the currents are particularly strong on some beaches. Therefore, one should avoid certain beaches for swimming at this time. If the red flag has been hoisted, you are not allowed to enter the water under any circumstances.

Never swim naked or topless
Nudism is prohibited in the Seychelles. »Topless« is now tolerated on many beaches, but is actually also forbidden.

Never underestimate the power of the sun
Even when the sun isn't shining, it's always there except at night! When it's cloudy, it's easy to forget. Therefore, always apply lotion during the day, possibly take a hat or parasol with you. People with particularly sensitive skin should wear long shirts and long pants.

Don't underestimate the heat
The heat and climate weaken the body if you are not used to it. If you have a weak heart, problems with circulation and/or blood pressure, you should take it easy. It is better not to go on long hikes in the blazing sun, especially at lunchtime.

Drink plenty of water
You should always have water with you. But don't forget to drink! Due to the high humidity, the thirst is not as great as it should be.

Don't underestimate chili
The Seychelles chili is one of the hottest in the world. And even if the Seychellois eat this chili in front of you as if it were a pepper: be careful!

Unsealed drinks
Under no circumstances should you accept open drinks from strangers. Be careful with the homemade schnapps
(»Pti Pomme« or »Kalou«).

Insects, mice and rats are happy about leftovers of all kinds. However, people tend to be less happy about these animals in the house, so it is better not to leave any leftovers lying around. This also applies to all drinks except water.

Don't smell the food
It is considered very impolite in the Seychelles to smell it before or during a meal. This behavior is judged negatively and a Seychellois then assumes that they don't like the food and that they don't have any manners.

Bring mosquito repellent and apply it
Mosquitoes especially like tourists, so always remember to take mosquito repellent with you and apply it. For example Nobite.

drive the bus
Give hand signals when standing at the bus stop so the driver knows you are really waiting for a bus. Especially if you are standing there alone, most bus drivers just keep going.
Keep as much change as possible. Watch out for bushes on the leftmost seats in the bus (open windows!).
If you are traveling with large suitcases, the bus driver will only take you in exceptional cases.

Note left-hand traffic
Pedestrians should also pay attention to left-hand traffic!
The »Right-Left-Right« in Germany is in the Seychelles:

This animal is poisonous and one of the few on the islands that can be dangerous. The sting is as painful as that of a hornet. If you see this animal in or near your accommodation, you should kill it immediately for safety reasons.

Barefoot yes, but...
Leptospira enter the environment via the urine of infected mammals (rats, dogs, mice, hedgehogs). You can become infected with the pathogen through skin injuries. The disease is called leptospirosis and can be fatal in severe cases. If your foot is injured, it is better not to go barefoot outside.

Avoid Lawnmower Man
For the most part, a long-handled hand mower is used for mowing the lawn
eg used at the roadside. Here you can be hit and injured by flying grass or stones. The lawnmower men sometimes don't register their surroundings (loudly) and keep working when you walk right past them. So: watch out and make yourself noticed if necessary!

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