Entry and exit conditions

conditions for travelers,

As of November 28, 2022

From December 1st, 2022 , the PCR test and proof of vaccination will no longer apply!

All visitors need to enter the country:
1. A negative PCR test result (performed 72 hours before departure if no vaccination is available). The costs vary depending on the test site, around 80 euros. As a recovered person with proof, an antigen test is sufficient. Must be in English!

According to the regulation in the Seychelles, fully vaccinated means: You have to be vaccinated twice. If the second vaccination is older than 6 months, you need the booster vaccination in order to be able to enter the country without a test.
Two vaccinations are sufficient for children and young people between the ages of 12 and 18.

2. Proof of all certified accommodations for the ENTIRE stay. See here: Certified Accommodations

3. Valid travel insurance , with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related medical care, for the duration of your stay in Seychelles. Must be in English!

4. The entry permit under https://seychelles.govtas.com/ (The Seychelles Islands Travel Authorization) must be submitted online no earlier than 4 days prior to departure. All necessary documents must be uploaded (neg. PCR test for unvaccinated people, flight and accommodation details, passport)

For the online COVID-19 entry permit , 6 areas must be completed:
– Passport Information
– Selfie photo
– Contact information
– Travel Information
- Explanations
- Required Documents

If you live together in one household and make the flights and hotels on the trip together, then you can fill out a group application.

"Standard processing" (within 9 hours) costs EUR 10.00, "Urgent processing" (max. 60 minutes) costs EUR 70.

After you have paid, you will receive a confirmation that the application has been received. Then the entry permit comes a little later.

Now take a look at the online entry permit in detail:

Tip: have all documents at hand at least electronically, probably better printed out. If the last vaccination was at least 14 days ago, you can also upload the proof when entering the entry application electronically.

Helpful links:

COVID-19 certified accommodations

Tourism Department Seychelles

🛥️🛩️ Onward travel to other islands

When you come to the Seychelles, your vaccination status and visa will be checked (to be filled out on the plane). After that you do not need to submit any further tests, papers or documents for other islands.

conditions for travelers,
⬅️ Return journey to Germany

Since June 1, 2022, travelers no longer need proof that they have been vaccinated, have recovered or tested negative. Excluded are people arriving from a virus variant area.

Since June 11, 2022, the corona-related entry restrictions that have remained in place until then have been lifted for travelers from third countries. More information from the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior .

The digital entry declaration no longer has to be filled out because the Seychelles are no longer a high-risk area.

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