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2023 calendar

Only while supplies last!


My planner 2023 (Seychelles)
  • €22,90
  • €11,45


Wall calendar Seychelles Islands 2023
  • €19,90
  • €9,95


Desk calendar Seychelles Islands 2023
  • €13,90
  • €6,95

Sold out

Pocket calendar 2023
  • €6,85


The globe showing ONLY THE SEYCHELLES!

SeyGlobe S, Kerdbef
  • €24,90


SeyGlobe M, Zironmon
  • €89,00


SeyGlobe L, Melon
  • €139,00


SeyGlobe XL, Kokodmer
  • €179,00


Affirmation Cards (german)


(all islands, cities and countries)

Watercolor Mahé, Seychelles
  • €50,00
Watercolor Praslin, Seychelles
  • €50,00
Watercolor planet earth
  • €50,00
Watercolor signpost with island names
  • €80,00


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Travel Preparation

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Basics on the fly

Sun: All year round, the sun rises between 6am and 6.30am and after a very short twilight of about half an hour, it sets again between 6pm and 6...

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sabine b

Thank you very much for the beautiful planner. I very much look forward to using it. Enjoy the rest of the Advent season and have a peaceful celebration.
And stay healthy.

Axel S

The expectations were fully met and will make my impatient waiting for the next visit to the Seychelles a little easier :)


The idea of putting the desk calendar on an easel is great. The themes are wonderful too. You can reminisce and hope that the circumstances will quickly normalize. Because: we will not have been to the Seychelles for the last time. Thank you again and have a good time.

Ilka B.

I am totally satisfied with my beautiful new year planner.
Colorful and lovingly designed, all appointments find their place.

Bernd L

A really well done planner.
My expectations were exceeded.
Thanks very much!

Tina M

The calendar and the postcards are very beautiful and not expensive at all.
The delivery was fast. Thanks!

Andrea P

Calendar arrived today, thank you very much! Beautiful pictures that invite you to dream :) Take good care of yourself and stay healthy.